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PrisonsKill Podcast

Sep 9, 2021

Greetings comrades and welcome to this third episode of the PrisonsKill Podcast. Today, September Ninth, is a very special day, as it marks 50 years since the Attica Rebellion. In the spirit of Attica and in the spirit of prison rebellions everywhere, we are excited to release an interview we recorded last year with our dear friend and comrade, Greg Curry. Greg, who identifies as a political prisoner, has been a continual target of repression and abuse at the hands of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction since the Lucasville Uprising of 1993. 


While many have heard of Attica, few people, even in abolitionist circles, know anything about Lucasville.  The uprising, which took place at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, is actually one of the largest prison revolts in US history, as incarcerated rebels maintained control of the facility for 11 days. The resistance came as a response to the brutal conditions of Warden Arthur Tate’s Operation Shakedown. Tate’s violent policies went as far as attempting to force incarcerated Muslims to submit to alcoholic tuberculosis tests. This violated their religious beliefs and their constitutional rights. This policy combined with other longstanding issues became the catalyst for the uprising. 


Write to Greg: Gregory Curry #A213159


2001 E. Central Ave.

Toledo, OH 43608


Here are a few links to connect with and support Greg and others among those repressed after the Lucasville Uprising:

Lucasville Amnesty Website

Free Greg Curry Website

Justice for Greg Curry Facebook Page


Audio sources for episode:

The Great Incarcerator, part 2: The Shadow of Lucasville Screener

Attica Documentary (1974)

For part one of The Great Incarcerator series, please see The Great Incarcerator, part 1: Dark Little Secret

Transcription of episode along with printer-friendly pdf linked here.

Prisons Kill.